Brandon deals at the table every Tuesday and Sunday at 2:00. Come grab a drink, a look for some tells, and play for a chance at prizes! 


Karaoke Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights

Hosted by the man himself  every Thursday at 6:30, Ringo will indulge your mind and memories with a mix of general trivia and occasional theme night  questions to earn prizes and the all important bragging rights!

‚ÄčThe Lounge In

The Village 


Tuesdays / Sundays

With a constant rotation of various artist from the area, you're sure to find the band with the sound and genre that hits that itch. Check Facebook every week or  our calendar of events to see who is up next!


3440 West Carefree Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917     (719) 550-9721

Serving Colorado Springs for over 40 years!