Lounge In The Village

Monday @ 7:30 pm-Hosted By Debbie & Kent

For years the Lounge in the Village a free, live trivia match on Thursday's at 6:30pm! Teams of up to 4 players are tasked with answering 20 general trivia questions. Nightly winners get free drinks and all who play are entered to win a share of $ 100  worth of bar tabs! Knock some drinks back, test your mental agility and win stuff!!

Friday @ 8pm-Hosted By Kara Lynn Productions

Wednesday @ 7:30 pm-Hosted By Kara Lynn Productions

The Lounge in the Village holds a free poker tournament every Tuesday and Sunday at 2pm. Jack Ten Poker puts on a great game, fun will be had by all and you can win stuff! Be sure to get here early to sign up!!